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  • You don’t need to puzzle over every morning. You’ll have an exact understanding of your outlook for the day.
  • Be confident in every piece of clothes you buy!
  • All the looks will fit your figure.
  • You’ll be at ease with mass market and famous brands.

Get the knowledge about your body shape.

Did you know that there are 5 body shapes : hourglass, pear, apple, triangle, rectangle. With the help of Steasate, you’ll understand your body much better and will easily get what clothes suit you in the best way. You’ll be sure of the cut, color and print.


Basics vs Trends.

That’s the eternal cold war… But the decision is simple - combination! We’ll teach you looking great and fine, even using the most weird trends ever. Ugly shoes? Supersize Puffers? Easy! Will help you to make a harmonious look!


Capsule wardrobe. What is it?

Keep your savings untouched! Capsule wardrobe contains items that match with each other in any combination. Saying another way, you have 5 pieces of clothes, but you can make more than 12 outlooks!

Let your dreams come true!

Expect these changes in your life if you take our courses:

  • 1. The chances to get the job you dream of increase twice! First impression lasts forever!
  • 2. What if your destiny meets you at the moment you do shopping? With the knowledge we give, you'll always be at the top.
  • 3. With Steasate you'll always keep up to trends and know exactly what suits you.
  • 4. You'll look in the mirror and will feel that love to the reflection, spreading all over your body.
see the difference!

Express yourself with the help of jeans!

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Mae West

Why do we say that style is about love?

It does matter how you look, even at home.

Do you have any clothes you don't like? Maybe they're old? Maybe the size is too big? Too small? Recycle them, but don't put them on any more! Old trainers are not just old trainers. They really distract you from feeling yourself a queen!

You make the world beautiful.

When you smile, whey you're confidant in yourself, people look at you and percieve your beauty. A tiny, but very warm light, appears in peoples' hearts. You notice the world to become more beautifull that moment. Big changes start from you, ah?

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For me, taking the style courses, was quite cute experience. I don't spend hours in the stores, cause I know exactly what fits my figure. Now I can hide the flaws and show only the advantages of my body. Steasate helped me to find my personal style. - Anna D.

I became a very respectable and successful person. My business extended, i made profitable deals because i look professional now. Our life is not about suits, but it really helps to provide an impression of a person to trust. - Jack S.

I was always invisible for people, starting from the school. But after Steasate helped me to open myself, I do attract people. I started wearing bright colours, and my life's become bright as well. - Gloria M.

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